About Us

Awamofpakistan.com was born with the sole purpose of having a platform addressing views, opinions, highlighting problems & offering solutions faced by the awam of Pakistan. How many times have you wanted to buy something in Pakistan and thought to yourself, perhaps a google search will reveal it and you ended up, going page upon page with nothing much to go on by.

At AwamofPakistan our goal is to be an all in one resource for people in Pakistan to find things, services, items, jobs, places, views, top 10 lists concerning everything & anything Pakistani.

The whole idea came to being when one day I was looking for the best online shopping sites in Pakistan. What I found was that most of the sites although did provide relevant information however, were outdated being written in 2016 and some even older than that. As we live in a fast-paced world, and the world of internet allows us to seamlessly and immediately present recent, updated information. I thought surely this can be achieved and if it isn’t being offered, than perhaps this can be the start of something and so it became the start of awamofpakistan.com

As a Pakistani, your voice is powerful and it resonates & echoes when it reaches people just like you. Want to share something about Pakistan. We are more than happy to feature your voice on awamofpakistan.com

You can write to us. We will feature your voice which will be syndicated across multiple platforms and that you can proudly share with your family & friends.

Join us at awamofpakistan.com it’s not just ABOUT US it is ABOUT ALL OF US.