Best Urdu to English and English to Urdu Dictionary Offline

English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary Offline Free Download (PDF AVAILABLE APK, APP & PC)

Whether its English to Urdu Or Urdu to English dictionary offline which you seek to download, there are a lot of free options you can avail that include free downloads for pc, app apk etc. All compiled here for you.

English is the universal language used for businesses internationally. Urdu on the other hand is the national language of Pakistan and it is estimated that Urdu is spoken by 70 million native speakers globally, thus making Urdu the sixth most spoken language in the world. Having that said, it makes perfect sense to have an excellent dictionary which will help you in translating Urdu to English & vice versa. Luckily, there are a lot of resources which will be covered here to help you pick the most suitable English to Urdu dictionary for you.

Available to Download Urdu to English Dictionary Offline

For Offline use of Urdu to English dictionary you will be able to have this feature on multiple platforms for instance you can download an offline full standalone program on you pc, also via android apps apk installation that offer offline functionality of English to Urdu dictionaries.



Best Urdu to English & English to Urdu Dictionary Free Download for PC

For PC, A Safe & Secure dictionary program that offers a simple to use interface while covering an extensive vocabulary and being light on the system is:

  • CleanTouch: Free To Download Available Here.

Top 3 Free English to Urdu Dictionary APK & APPS

These apps are the best in terms of being user-friendly and easy to use while still being offline. All the below mentioned apps have the capability to covert/recognize words from both English to Urdu & vice versa. Some offer additional features as well, such as search from web and search from sharing, word games etc.

  1. English Urdu Dictionary

    English Urdu Dictionary By Innovative Software
    English Urdu Dictionary By Innovative Software


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Site for Download:

Features: Offline use, integrated with search from web and sharing features, word games, facilities offline pronunciation as well, preserves history also includes study plan to motivate learning and of course is free to download.

  1. English to Urdu Dictionary
English to Urdu Dictionary by Appscourt
English to Urdu Dictionary by Appscourt

Developer: Appscourt

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Site for Download:

Features: Free to install, simple Layout straight forward to use, thus is my favorite one to use, it offers Text to speech module and that too available in offline mode. Contains 300,000 words vocabulary and is constantly updated. This app also allows bookmarking of your favorite words. Additionally, a great feature which encourages learning is the use of MCQ’s which tests your learning.


  1. Urdu Dictionary – Dict Box
English to Urdu Dictionary Offline DICT BOX
English to Urdu Dictionary DICT BOX

Developer: Xung Le

Rating 4.5 out of 5.

Available for Download Site:

Features: Free to Download contains over 750,000 words vocabulary, is fast, offers offline pronunciation, history, notes etc. Moreover, a very helpful feature is the addition of picture dictionary which helps in learning new words. Furthermore, the Dict Box can install other languages besides Urdu if you need it in the future. Lastly, it links with the most popular dictionaries such as Babylon, Oxford, Cambridge, Meriam Webster etc.

Simple Urdu to English Dictionary (Free Download PDF)

If you are looking for a very simple easy and handy to read Urdu to English dictionary which is free to download and in a pdf format which you can access on multiple devices, then this is perfect for your use. The Urdu to English dictionary pdf Contains approx. 715 pages it is a simple dictionary which therefore makes it a handy item to keep as a reference guide.

Click Here to Download Simple Urdu English Dictionary PDF.

Click Here to Find out another Urdu to English Dictionary PDF

While there are alot of apps & software for dual urdu to english dictionary offline, these nonetheless, are the ones’s with the highest rating, are free to download and user friendly.

In conclusion, these are rather easy to use apps & software that can help you. In case I missed your favorite English Urdu Dictionary then Let me Know in the comments below!

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